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Single phase motor applications

Single-phase motors are most commonly used for loads requiring low-power motors: washing machines, fan motors, refrigerators, portable drills, clocks, and compressors, among others.

The single-phase motor is a type of motor that has only one set of coils and its power is made by a single phase of alternating current, that is, its field windings are connected directly to a single-phase source. They absorb electrical energy from a single phase network and modify it in mechanical energy. enerpac cusp-500

The induction motor provides good torque and is easy to start rotating, has low cost and works by moving a magnetic field around the rotor called “rotating magnetic field”. It is an alternative to places where there is no three-phase power supply, such as homes, offices, workshops and rural areas.

Depending on the operation, single-phase motors can be classified into two types: Universal Motor and Induction Motor. The universal motor will rotate properly if it is powered by direct current or alternating current and even if the polarity of its source is reversed, it will continue to rotate in the same direction. It will be used in something that rotates quickly like shavers and food processors or at variable speed of the sewing machines.