13 maio

Your customers, too, have no way of checking that the napkins are cleaned properly.

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With disposable napkins, they have the guarantee that it is a new and clean item, which will
be used only by them. This will give your customers a feeling of greater hygiene and
safety ! Relief paper napkins offer you the possibility of personalization. In other
words, your brand can be reinforced in yet another way, in an item that will certainly pass
through the hands of all customers.
The logo on the napkin is an elegant and sophisticated way to further expose your brand,
so take advantage of this feature! Relevo is a company that is very concerned with
its environmental impact . For this reason, all our napkins are made with reforestation
wood and without the addition of plastics in the formula. It is a much less impactful
production process than the versions of fabric or ordinary paper napkins, which also
guarantees a superior quality to the products.
In addition, by recycling napkins instead of investing in reusable items, you are using far
less natural resources . The processes of washing, dyeing and disposing of fabrics use
an enormous amount of energy, in addition to introducing chemicals such as detergents
and dyes into river systems.